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Your local Florida mortgage lenders for rural property USDA loans.  This is a great loan option for borrowers with rural properties – allow up to 100% Financing Options.  How USDA loans work: 


USDA HOME LOANS - 100% Financing Rural Florida Properties

USDA Loans
are home loans guaranteed by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). These loans help to provide affordable financing options for rural Florida properties. This program is intended to help low to moderately low income families in rural areas.  If you and your property qualify then eligible borrowers may purchase, build, rehab or relocate a home in an eligible area.  The USDA loan program provides a 90% loan note guarantee to approved lenders which enables borrowers to finance up to 100% of their loan.   USDA guaranteed mortgage loans in Florida give borrowers the ability to purchase homes in Florida with no down payment and easier qualifying.  USDA home loans also come with better interest rates. 

USDA Borrower Guidelines: 

* 100% financing 
* 620 Min FICO Score
* Terms: Up to 30 Years
* Low interest rate
* Gift funds can be used at closing

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As a direct lender we offer in-house underwriting and processing and can close loans fast. Our team of mortgage experts are specialist in USDA rural home loans in Florida. CALL US TODAY (855) 718-7620 .


USDA - Things to Know

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USDA Income Limits

If you and the property qualify – USDA loans are good choice for rural home loans in Florida.  USDA offer up to 100% Financing with a lower monthly insurance rate of only .3% which is much lower than the FHA insurance rate of 1.35%. 

The 2024 average household income limits for a USDA loan in Florida is $146,050. The household limits also may vary by how many people live in the home. With five (5) or more people living in the home the household income limit can be as high as $148,950.

To search the USDA home loan income limits in Florida, please visit the USDA eligibility site for income limits by FL county.

What are the Drawbacks? 
  • Only Primary Properties – USDA loans cannot be used to purchase second homes or rental property
  • Not for urban properties.
  • Florida income limits will apply
  • Mortgage insurance will be factored into the cost.

1st Florida Mortgage is an approved USDA lender in Florida and we specialize in rural property home loans. Call today or apply online to see if you and your property qualify for a USDA loan. 

USDA Home Loans

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